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I am a portrait/lifestyle photographer located in the San Francisco Bay Area. My love for photography goes  way back to the days when I rolled medium format film in my grandfather's darkroom. These days I have fully embraced digital photography and I shoot with only the best equipment. As for post processing my photos, I'm a true believer in editing the light more than the subjects. I choose Adobe Lightroom for 90% of my editing and only occasionally throw the photos in photoshop for advanced touchups. 

The people I work with vary from mothers and fathers to be, couples  getting hitched, family shoots with wild and crazy kids and brand new Moms and Dads absolutely besides themselves over their newborn babies. 

Nothing preserves life moments like beautiful photographs. With a little time and investment these easily forgotten memories are saved forever. I strongly believe in printing photos out to create beautiful artwork to display in your home. This is something that has run in my family for two generations. My Grandfather's home was covered in his beautiful photography and growing up I loved looking at the professional photos my mother displayed of my family at different ages. Nothing fills my heart more than providing these memories for all my clients.                         

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